In the interests of using up the money on my Loaded card, I bought myself some fire poi. This is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. I will hopefully get them on Sunday, at the next FireNight in Mission Bay.
So damn excited.
Oh, and I cancelled my gym membership today.


Ok, so I’m leaving the gym I’m a member of. I’m not going very often (mainly because it’s boring going on your own *sigh*) and it’s costing me $66 a month. That’s $66 I can’t really afford to be without right now. So I have a new exercise plan.

Poi. Lots of poi. Upper arm and wrist workout.

Staff. Shoulder and wrist workout.

Dancing. When I can be bothered. It’d be nice if I could find something that is new and interesting for me but doesn’t cost the world. Leg workout.

Rock climbing. If I do this with Claire it is a shitload cheaper, so I’m going to see if I can do this once a week. Arm, tummy, leg workout.

Pilates. I have a DVD and big ball thing that I bought ages ago. I WILL use this. I will. Whole body workout.

Aerial silks. Claire and I are trying to figure out where we can learn this, and hope that it doesn’t cost too much money. If it does, oh well, but if not, then yay. Definitely tummy workout.

Things that are ruled out due to cost:

Modern dance (*pout*)

Ice skating (*sniffle*)

Snowboarding / skiing (*cry*)


I’ve got a podcast space up and running again. Wasn’t happy with just because it was throwing a spaz and wouldn’t upload my mp3 file. Silly thing. But the one I’ve got now would accept my mp3 file and LOOKS better, too. That’s just a bonus.

So there you go. I’m going to see about uploading the videos from last night’s FireNight to there, as apparently it’s possible. If not, then they’ll just go on YouTube.

Weddings and stuff

I went up to Whangarei in the weekend for my little sister’s wedding. It went really well, she looked gorgeous, and the weather miraculously cleared up. It was meant to be cyclone weather, starting from 9am and building up during the day. Well, the Friday night was pretty bad, really stormy, and then when we woke up on Saturday morning it wasn’t raining. The clouds looked ominous still, but we were still feeling positive. The weather only got better during the day, and even managed some sunshine in the late afternoon / early evening. Janey reckons it’s her dad. She always said her dad wouldn’t let it rain for her wedding day. I think it’s a sweet thought, even though I don’t believe in any of that stuff.

She was a very beautiful bride. I will have to put up some photos here at some point. Oh, and Ryan scrubbed up ok, too. Haha. Such a lovely couple. Chloe (their daughter) was gorgeously well-behaved during the whole day (minor tantrum when it came to putting her dress on) and put up with over an hour of photos after the wedding.

Duncan and I went to Mission Bay last night. It was the Jazz Festival. The What’s On In Auckland site isn’t that comprehensive, as they didn’t even list the Jazz Festival or have any hint of it what-so-ever. This isn’t a small event. They close down a whole section of Tamaki Drive and turn it into footpath. This year they even charged for entry (which was an unwelcome surprise as we turned up). *grumble* It used to be free!

Needless to say, with the combination of huge crowds, little space, and a $10 fee to get in, the fire crowd wasn’t there. But there was some good music, a great atmosphere, and we had a good time wandering around.

This morning I’ve been up to Albany and picked up some time sheets, did a little shopping (finally caved and got Thin Lizzy – and you know, it’s pretty good), drove to Fox Outlet in Northcote, got my timesheet signed, came home, faxed timesheet, and now I’m catching up on email and stuff. Stuart is coming to pick me up in about 20 minutes to talk about this contract, but it’s all looking very good for that. The school is going to call me sometime early this week to set up a meeting to discuss and sign the contract, and to finalise my role and goals. Woot! Again, more info once contract is actually signed.

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