Learning languages

Stuart posted a link to this website, Livemocha.com, on the MoodleSchool site we’re working on. I thought it sounded fun and followed the link. I have to say, I really enjoy this way of learning a new language. I get to hear it, see it, and interact with it. I get quick feedback from native speakers of the language. It’s awesome. If you’ve ever wanted to learn another language, go look! It’s free, too!

I brought my car in first thing this morning to get its WOF done. I then spent the day bussing from one place to another. Visited Katja and Bruno, they made me lunch (yum), then my sister picked me up to go to her place. Got there at 3pm, looked up on Maxx to see when I needed to catch a bus to get back to Beach Haven by 5pm and discovered I had to leave at 3.15pm. Damn. So a few minutes later I left my sister’s place and ended up getting all the way to Beach Haven by 4.15, picked up my car and got home by 4.30. Maxx is usually good, but they majorly sucked for planning my route today. I could have stayed at my sister’s place a little longer, even if only another 15 or 20 minutes.

Got work tomorrow, hoorah! I hope the teacher has left me something, but if they haven’t then I’m going armed with some stuff for the kids to do. It’s always hard going to a new school because you don’t know anything – bell times, routines, planning format etc. I’ll make sure I get there in plenty of time tomorrow.

Tomorrow evening I’m babysitting (or child-sitting, as he prefers it called) my nephew for a few hours. I have to try and get some work done during that time, but I’m not sure if I can get on the Internet at their place. Might get Geoff to set up the wireless on my computer when he gets home so that next time I’m around there I can work. Will be child-sitting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until further notice.

Bridge walk

I did the bridge walk with my nephew today. We turned up at Pt Erin and the organiser said specifically, “We are not going to force our way onto the bridge. We will abide by the decisions of the LTSA and the police.”

The LTSA said no. We were making our way back to the footpath when a cheer went up. We were told to go to the motorway onramp. I thought they’d changed their minds. Then I see that there are some cyclists on the motorway. I assumed (correctly) that they’d forced their way on. We continued moving and saw the big traffic truck moving off, more cheering etc.

The news report said, “Auckland motorway traffic was severely delayed today as thousands of protestors stormed the Harbour Bridge.” It was hardly like that. A few broke through (stupid people, in my opinion – they could have caused major accidents! The traffic is going a considerable speed along there), the police decided to save the situation and make it safe for the rest, and we then went onto the bridge in a calm and ordered fashion.

By the time I wanted to get home at about 11.30am, traffic was flowing freely again along the motorway, certainly from Fanshawe Street onward. Perhaps it backed up a little longer further south, I don’t know.

So, considering there were no injuries or accidents, I think “stormed” is perhaps too strong a word.

Tired. I can has sleep now?

Should be going to bed but am writing a journal entry instead. Naturally.

Been at Rosmini this week and it’s been good. I do enjoy working with computers but still teaching people. I do think this might be the perfect job for me.

I haven’t done much with regards to my fitness, though. I’ve been very slack. My problem, as I’ve outlined before on here, is self-motivation. Like right now. I know that I probably should be doing some crunches before bed, but will I? No. What’s my motivation? Who am I competing against? No one. Damnit. I really do think I need to compete against someone. When Brendon was living here I was trying to keep up with him, and he kept doing more crunches than me, but I was working towards catching up. I almost had abs!

Damelza! Do you think we could do some sort of long-distance competition between us for fitness? Do you think that could work? You want to get fit for your next test thing, and I just want to get fit to lose the belly that’s starting to develop. What do you say?

Winter. It’s cold. That is all I have to say about the weather.

We have blower things going 24 hours right now to dry out under the carpet. The constant sound is getting to me. If it goes on too much longer I might be responsible for dehumidifier destruction.

Am writing and reading lots.

Sleep. Now. ‘Night!


This is a song that we used to sing at primary school. I came across my attempt at remembering the words in a writing diary and thought I’d Google the song. It took a few tries, and there are a lot of people out there looking for the words for this song (though different versions, by the sounds of it), but I was happy to finally find some lyrics that closely resembled those I learned years ago.

From the Volga was he riding
On his horse so quickly striding
When he saw, in ambush, hiding
Who but pretty Minka

Minka, Minka go not from me
Do not in the forest hide thee
Come and tell me if you love me
Pretty little Minka

Shy thou art and very bashful
Tho’ my heart is ever faithful
Yet to thee I’d be more grateful
If you’d love me, Minka

Minka, Minka go not from me
Do not in the forest hide thee
Come and tell me if you love me
Pretty little Minka

Thou art playful as a kitten
Knowing when a heart you’ve smitten
I have been by you sore bitten
Wicked little Minka!

Minka, Minka go not from me
Do not in the forest hide thee
Come and tell me if you love me
Pretty little Minka

Wolves are through the forest swarming
See! They come in packs alarming
I will save thee from all harming
If you’ll come, my Minka

Minka, Minka now I’ve got thee
Why did you so much provoke me?
Wolves won’t come, but I’d devour thee
Pretty little Minka


I’m heading down to Wellington on  day trip on Tuesday 19th May. I arrive early morning, am busy all morning and possibly partly into the afternoon, but after that I’m free to meet up with people. My plane leaves at 6.30pm, Mum’s plane leaves a little earlier. Would love to catch up with long lost friends who have moved down that way.

So who’s keen?

But wait, there’s more!

I also have to eat my Magnum with a spoon, because it’s so broken that the stick fell right out of it.


Go Hell. You’ve done really well by me tonight! </ sarcasm>

Cheesy Hell


Despite telling the guy on the phone what must have been THREE times that I wanted the regular cheese removed from the pizza toppings, my pizza arrived drowned in cheese. I put feta, cream cheese and camembert on it, so it really doesn’t need the regular cheese. When he repeated the ingredients at me, he said “cheese” and not “cream cheese” and I said “No, I don’t want regular cheese on it, I want cream cheese.” He said “Yes, I know” in an impatient tone, so I took it as understood.


So now I’m eating a very cheesy pizza, which I don’t particularly like but I’m damn hungry.

My little slice of Hell

So I called Hell Pizza just then to place an order, because their website wouldn’t process my credit card. Again.

Hell: So that’ll be $30.50.
Me: What? I’m looking at my website order right now, and it comes to $23.50.
Hell: There’s a $7 surcharge on delivery. If you were to come in and pick it up…
Me: No, that’s not right. On Tuesdays if the order is over $20 it’s free delivery.
Hell: That’s for website orders only.
Me: But I explained at the start that I tried ordering via the website but it wouldn’t process my payment.
Hell: Sorry. It’s $30.50.
Me: So because your website is broken I have to pay an extra $7?
Hell: It’s not an extra $7, it’s the delivery fee.
Me: Yes, but if your website weren’t broken I wouldn’t have to pay it, so it’s extra for me.
Hell: Hang on, I’ll just ask my manager.

So the manager agreed to give me the $7 “discount”. Then the guy who I’d been talking to was just saying bye and your order will be with you soon when I interrupted to remind him that I was trying to pay by credit card, so could I please do that? I don’t have cash on me.

He processed my credit card and, surprise surprise, it went through. It’s so not my credit card that’s the problem. It’s their website. Stupid Hell. If they didn’t do kick-ass pizza, I’d call elsewhere.

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