I am attending the seminar of Learning Management Systems held at the National Library of New Zealand in Auckland right now. There have been presentations about KnowledgeNet, Moodle, Mahara, Ultranet and by the Ministry of Education.

I have applied to join three different GoogleGroups:
  • SMS-LMS (talking about the interoperability between the two)
  • Moodle4NZSchools (self-explanatory)
  • MLE (Ministry group about the supported LMSs and SMSs and their research)

I hope they approve me for all three! I am excited to see what they are saying.

Presentation over

Well my presentation is over - top tips for lesson in Moodle. As usual I got a little flustered talking in front of so many other people and the lesson didn't quite follow the path that I had originally intended, and therefore may have come across as a little disjointed. It is something that I improve every time I do a presentation, and I will look back on this and learn from it. But overall, I covered everything I wanted to cover.

Things to note for next time:
  • Get a wireless tablet so that I am not stuck behind the computer desk the whole time!
  • Ensure that interaction can be better - people had trouble signing up to the MoodleSchool website because they did not have access to their email (why not?)
  • Think about different levels - though I can't cater to everyone, and don't necessarily want to bore those that know some things - think about how I find a better happy medium for this?
  • I talked about flow in lesson planning - ensure that flow follows over to my presentation! (see initial paragraph)
  • Make links to TKI so that teachers can find MoodleSchool easier

Overall I think it went well, but still has a long way to improve.
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