Christmas loot list

Quick update to say that I'm very happy with my Christmas loot for this year!

I got Narnia: Prince Caspian on DVD and a cool dragon statue from mum and dad.
Got some Rebel Sport vouchers from my sister and her partner.
Got a DVD and some yummy chocolate stuff from Duncan's parents.
And got some glow poi from Duncan!

I have been playing with the poi all morning. I'm getting pretty good, but I'm glad I'm not a guy. Seriously, you'd have to wear a box to practice poi if you were a guy! When those things hit each other, they go in all sorts of directions. I've managed to smack myself in the eye with one, and the head, and the shins, and even once really hard on the elbow. But it's all a part of learning! So much fun. I've even taken out the Devil Sticks (sometimes called spin sticks or magic sticks?) from my car and been playing around with those, too.

So, now it's lunchtime. Hmmm potato salad.


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