So, after ice skating this morning, Claire and I went to the Bird Barn in Henderson to get some more cockatiel seed for my birds. We were looking around and I noticed that the quails were going at a good price. So I ended up coming home with a pair of brown quails and a pair of silver quails. They’ll need names. I’ll get some photos tomorrow. Now, time to try out what happens when I insert a photo when posting by email…



These are the lovely cockatiels that I acquired from a family. Like I said, a little rough-looking, but they’ll look better soon. They’re renamed now. Yellow (guess which one that was) is now called Doralto and Grey is now Bismarck. The colours on this photo aren’t very true to the real thing, as they’re taken at dusk through the wire mesh of the aviary. Doralto is actually a bright canary yellow, and Bismarck is a very dark grey bordering on black. I described them in a previous post. Hopefully I’ll get better pictures of them tomorrow, when I’m in the aviary taking pictures of the quails. (So cute!!)


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