Testing this post by email thing

Hiya folks, I’m procrastinating. Testing my post by email feature, since then I can keep both blogs up to date at the same time and I don’t have to log in anywhere. Woot. Why do I need two blogs? I’m not entirely sure. I’ve got a meeting at 10am today, it’s 8.50am, and I still have a towel wrapped around my head. Oh well. I had intended to be all good and get out of bed early so I could go to the gym before my meeting, but depending on how long the meeting takes I might be good and go to the gym before I go visit my sister, because I can’t arrive at her place before 3pm anyway.


Hmmm, things I need to make sure to sort out:

-        get some more of those clear sleeves for ringbinders

-        get my sister a birthday present and card

-        buy more bird food


Oh, speaking of bird food… I have acquired two more cockatiels. They’re so cute, I’ll have to put pictures up sometime. Maybe in my next post I’ll try inserting a picture. I believe I can do that via email. But they’re so cute. One’s bright yellow all over, and the other is a colour mutation I’ve not come across before. He’s grey, but a very very dark grey, and his head is bright yellow, with no trace of orange cheek patches, and the white stripe on his wing isn’t white – it’s yellow! I’ll put pictures, and if anyone knows what sort of colour that’s called, let me know! I have to rename them, though. The previous owners had called them Yellow and Grey (rolleyes). They’re getting cocktail names, like my other two (Daiquiri and Pina Colada). They’re also currently not looking their best. Their feathers are a bit ragged and they can’t fly. Hopefully life in my large aviary will agree with them and they’ll soon look glossy and healthy.


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